The Truth About Children’s Birthday Parties

Just before my son’s third birthday back in April I wrote an article detailing the why I prefer simple kids parties at home. Without further adieu, here is my swan song column over at Man of the House.

The Truth About Children’s Birthday Parties

In less than two weeks my son will be turning three-years-old, and party preparations are in full swing. The menu has been planned, tables and chairs reserved, invitations sent and a bouncy house rented.

Now, before you think I’m going overboard for a child’s birthday party and will be the next parent featured on TLC’s Outrageous Kids Parties I’ll stop you right there. We are the party planners, the food and cake will be homemade and the invitations went out for free by email.

Even if we had the means to throw a lavish, over-the-top party for either of our children there is no way that we would. In fact, for the first two years of my son’s life we made his parties simple, at-home functions with family and close friends.

Children that age generally don’t grasp the concept of birthdays, so the only point of spending to excess on a party like the $32,000 birthday party for a six year old you might have read about is to inflate the parents’ egos.

To read the full article, click on over to Man of the House.

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PJ Mullen is a dad, husband, amateur chef and prolific air drummer blogging about his life as a dad and anything else that is on his mind. Occasionally he blogs about being a dad in the kitchen at peaches en risotto and is a contributor over at Digital Dads.

Facebook comments:

  • Seattledad

    We just did the Superhero 4th Bday party.  We had 60 people, and nearly 30 kids.  But we had it at a park and didn’t end up spending a lot of $$, plus we had people donate food for the food bank.  So, it was a big success all around.

  • PJ Mullen

    Just swung by your place (yes, I’m sorry it has been so long, I’ve been reading along from time to time, but haven’t commented lately. I suck) and that party was awesome. A belated Happy 4th Birthday to your little man.

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