The Emperor’s first shoes

This past Monday was a day of firsts for us, as we not only discovered that our son had finally had his first tooth break through, but we also made the pilgrimage to the local mall to purchase his first pair of shoes. We realize he isn’t walking just yet, but he will walk along [...]

Adventures in shopping

Today was a family day, as my wife had off after working the weekend.  So, after spending a lazy morning at the house observing our little man’s antics, we headed out to do a little shopping at our local mall.  One of our stops was to Pottery Barn Kids to check out something my wife [...]

Resolutions? We don’t need no stinking resolutions!

The ball has dropped and as we write the obituary on 2008 we look forward to the promise of a new day. Many things were amiss about 2008 from a global perspective, but, aside from the carnage in our 401(k), it was a pretty good year for us. Welcoming our son into the world and [...]

My New Boss

I’ve had several in my day…the good, the bad, the indicted. But my newest boss is very demanding. No matter what I need to get done on any given day it’s always about him! At just over two feet tall and a sippy cup shy of 16 pounds he can be quite intimidating (This is [...]

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