Instant Karma

This morning was a bit more challenging than most lately as our little girl decided she wasn’t up for going back to sleep after my wife nursed her around 5:15, which is the norm. While she got ready for work I was up attending to the baby trying in vain to get her to fall back to sleep.

Baby girl was still rooting around, so with the primary source of nummies preoccupied with the morning work ritual, I tried warming some of our supply and feeding her myself – nursing pillow and all, except right now we have a sassy green number on it.

Unresponsive to attempts to offer her the bottle, she finally crashed after about 45 minutes of full on cranky pants mode. I rested her back in her bassinet and decided to just shower and get on with my day since little man would most certainly be up soon.

As I usually do, I check my blood sugar and was floored when the reading popped up 191. 191! Inconceivable. That’s when I realized that I hadn’t washed my hands first, which I’m supposed to do, and just prior to putting the baby down I offered her the bottle one more time.

Still panicking over my blood sugar reading I realized that I had just wiped up a bit of dribble with my fingers. Quickly I washed my hands and got a second, much more realistic, reading of 109.

So, regardless of all other scientific evidence touting its benefits, I now have first hand proof that mama milk truly is pretty sweet.

A few weeks ago I was asked to join a stewardship effort at our church. Those of you that have been around here long enough know that I’m not a terribly religious person, but we have been going to services regularly for about five years now.

Considering my involvement in the church until now consisted of showing up to services, sitting, kneeling, standing and writing a check for the offering, I figured it might be time to do a little more. After all, I feel blessed to have an amazing wife and two healthy, happy children that complete my world.

At the meeting to discuss stewardship, which I admit I had no idea what it entailed when I said yes, I realized I might have gotten myself in over my head. The pastor wanted each of us to take a week to speak on a particular topic, which were getting snatched up at lightning speed. People and topics were getting matched up faster than pre-teens at a CYO dance and I started having horrible flashbacks.

By the time it got around to me all that was left was “worship” and “giving”. Even though giving was scheduled for a weekend that we will be away for a family wedding, I offered to take it and write something up that would be printed in the weekly bulletin. Thankfully, they accepted.

Giving is an interesting topic, and since cash is tight right now due to our excess real estate situation, I decided to put my time and talents to use instead. I offered up the idea of reworking the churches website, which was sorely needed, and helping them with some social networking stuff.

I was pleased (and relieved) when they were eager to take me up on my offer. As a result, I’ve been off the grid for the past few days trying to pound through the site so that it will be ready in advance of the launch of the stewardship campaign next Sunday. If you’re so inclined, I’d love for you to check it out, it’s about 85% done as of this morning.

Essentially, I’ve been busy building God a blog, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

And, finally, yesterday marked the third week of my Paleo power experience and I am pleased to report that since changing my diet I am down 11 pounds. Combined with the eight pounds I lost since changing my meds at the end of April, I am down 19 pounds in five months.

The adjustment has been surprisingly smooth and I don’t miss a lot of what I’m not supposed to be eating. Probably because what I’m not supposed to be eating is the reason I’m in the situation I’m in to begin with.

There is still considerable work left to be done with several hundred pounds left to go. I have decided that I want to be anti-matter, which will surely end my dependence on all forms of prescribed pharmaceuticals.

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PJ Mullen is a dad, husband, amateur chef and prolific air drummer blogging about his life as a dad and anything else that is on his mind. Occasionally he blogs about being a dad in the kitchen at peaches en risotto and is a contributor over at Digital Dads.

Facebook comments:

  • http://LifeofaNewDad otter321

    Congrats on the diet success and good luck with your quest to become anti matter. Also congrats on furthering your control of the world wide web with another website. I think it is awesome that you volunteered your time and talents to help out the church. Using your abilities to help others is what church is supposed to be about although most people miss that entirely. Finally I love a good Carl Spackler reference.

  • Keith Wilcox

    I never would have thought of testing breast milk with a blood sugar monitor, but hey — accidents lead to great discoveries! Way back when, when I actually used to go to church, I used to get roped into all sorts of silly church errands and chores. I always had the feeling churches like to guilt us into free labor. Somehow I wound up mowing the dang church lawn every two weeks while the pastor did whatever it is pastors do inside the air conditioned building! :-) Oh, and congratulations on the weight loss.

  • PJ Mullen

    Thanks, man. It’s a lofty goal, but I know i can get there :) Unfortunately, you have no idea how right you are on the point about what church is supposed to be all about. As rewarding as this experience has been I’ve also seen the dark side of church politics thanks to my offer. People absolutely amaze me.

  • PJ Mullen

    Thanks and yeah, blood glucose strips are great ways to determine the sugar content of breast milk. The way I look at it, I’d rather volunteer to do something I like and (in my opinion) am good at rather than do something else. So, it all works out.

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