Fatherhood, just as good the second time around

Brevity has never been my strong suit. However, when Chalkboard Dad unveiled The Father 100 (no, it’s not a NASCAR race), I felt compelled to give it a shot. The requirement to write a post using no more than 100 words around a one word theme was quite a challenge. I am happy with my first effort around this week’s word “Love”. I hope you enjoy it.

I can feel each breath she breathes as she sleeps on my chest.
Momentarily I see her dark blue eyes staring back at me.
Reassured that I am still there she comfortably lays her head back down,
Returning almost immediately to a careless slumber.
It is a familiar, yet fleeting feeling; passing in a moments time.
Like her brother she will soon yearn to explore her world, breaking from my embrace.
Still, fatherhood is just as good the second time around.
Reminding you of all that is good in the world,
And of a love that you never knew existed.

Are you a parent with a blog? Want to play along?

For all the details on how to join this literary adventure, check out the full post explaining it over at Chalkboard Dad.

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About PJ Mullen

PJ Mullen is a dad, husband, amateur chef and prolific air drummer blogging about his life as a dad and anything else that is on his mind. Occasionally he blogs about being a dad in the kitchen at peaches en risotto and is a contributor over at Digital Dads.

Facebook comments:

  • http://www.worldofweasels.com/ Weasel Momma

    Holding your children does make everything right with world, doesn’t it.

  • Anonymous

    (picture AND the words. :) )

  • Anonymous

    She is beautiful and so is this post.

  • http://glowan.com/wordpress/ Kevin W. Grossman

    Very nice. I’m digging that.

  • Anonymous

    Nice job, sir.

    “Reminding you of all that is good in the world”

    ABSOLUTELY! Thanks for joining us! Hope you give it another whirl next Wednesday!

  • http://dr-shawns-blog.webs.com/ Dr. Shawn

    This very very moving and the wordplay beautiful. Bravo dad!

  • http://www.almightydad.com Keith Wilcox

    ohhhh, that sounds like fun! Maybe I’ll give it a try. Oh, and I agree with the sentiment. Fatherhood really is just as awesome the second time around!

  • http://www.dcurbandad.com DCUrbanDad

    That is one lucky girl my friend.

  • Laura

    Sent here by WeaselMomma…it was worth it. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing!

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    Yes, yes it does.

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    Thank you, that is very kind.

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    Thank you, that is very kind. She is a special little girl.

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    I’m sure you are :) I hope all is well with baby Bryce.

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    Thank you, absolutely. Looking forward to it. And thanks for starting this up. It was fun.

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    Thank you, and congrats on your win. I enjoyed reading yours.

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    You should, I haven’t been participating in many memes lately, but this one is a good challenge and a great way to interact with some dads I don’t know all that well.

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    That is very kind, thank you.

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    Thank you, that is very kind. pj

  • http://LifeofaNewDad otter321

    Your brevity looks pretty strong here my friend. Beautiful post.

  • http://www.pjmullen.com/ PJ Mullen

    Thanks, man. You should join in. This weeks just went up.

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